Campbell River BC Salmon Fishing

Welcome to East West Fishing Charters, British Columbia's premiere salmon fishing experience. East West Charters offers you unprecedented, custom guided fishing charters of Vancouver Island's East side "Discovery passage" as well as the wild West Coast of Vancouver Island. Mark Stewart is an award wining guide, who will land you that big chinook, and even a monster halibut or two.

BC Salmon Fishing


Our Fishing Vessel

Our boat is a 26 foot Trophy fishing boat, equipped with a heated cabin, covered cockpit, wrap around deck, and a deep-V hull to comfortably slice through west-coast rollers. Equipped with a 300 hp engine, the boat can smoothly cut through the tide and chop to get us to our destination on time for the first bite.

BC Fishing Adventures, With the Comforts of Home

Boat Inside Fishing Boat BC image
41 pound chinook salmon BC fishing image

Trophy fishing boats are renowned for their reliability, speed and comfort. The boat can accommodate 4 guests, plus a guide, enabling us to tend up to 5 lines at any one time. Our fully equipped boat comes with down-riggers, bait station, navigation systems, sonar and all the gear we will need for any type of fishing adventure. There is a small gally below, with a fridge, stove, latrine and seating area. Of course, there’s also lots of fish storage in case we decide to keep a few.






Book Your Fishing Adventure Today

Contact East West Charters directly today to book your fishing or eco-guiding adventure: 250-830-7581

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